Technical Information

The coatings we use are the highest quality. Our Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and color pigments are sized less than 5 mircrons to allow use where other systems cause problems with pumps and filters. The coating is applied in thickness of .0002 to .0006 inches. While many elastomer compounds experience very minimal shrinkage and durometer change during the coating cure process, this is not a problem for most applications. The coating is not designed to provide any chemical advantage not supplied by the base compound nor will it protect the rings themselves from chemical attack. The color imparted on the ring is not considered permanent, although it will out last the life of the 0-ring in many applications.


An endless range of applications may be matched to your specific design needs. We offer extensive experience in many coating applications with specialization in Precise Lube™, Emralon™, Everlube™, McLube™, and other hi-tech specialty coatings. We offer you solutions to your specific needs in the fields of lubrication, corrosion protection, extended component life, cleanliness and color identity.


Within the variety of dry film lubricants you will find choices ranging from temporary to permanent lubrication. These can replace the need for constant maintenance functions of greasing oiling and cleaning. Dry film lubricants are compatible with an extremely wide range of materials including wood, paper, rubber, plastic, metal and various alloys. The choice of specialized coatings with temperature stability allows applications for service temperatures ranging from cryogenic to over 1,500° F.

Corrosion Protection

Dry film lubricants are available with properties to resist most chemicals, acids and weather. They provide corrosion resistance by sealing the component with a long life durable film.

Extended Component Life

Dry film lubricants provide an extended wear life of millions of operating cycles at low and moderate loads. An excellent performance will be achieved at high load capacities as a primary lubricant or as a supplement to grease and oils. Wear life enhanced by the ability to maintain closer tolerance in components and precision instruments with as little as 1/10mil layer of film and without grease or oil lubricants.

Color Identity Chart

Color Identity

Dry film lubricants are often used as a base for applying color coding to parts for identity. This immensely enhances the ability to differentiate between similar parts or to verify existence of a part where otherwise hard to distinguish. Coloring may also be decorative in some cases. When applied to many parts the film is also assistance in passage through automated equipment or an assembly process.


Build up of dirt, grease, oil, etc… are eliminated with the use of dry film lubricants. This prevents contamination of productions parts, machines, instruments and personnel. Extended component life is enhanced by drastically reducing abrasive dust build-up around the moving parts and surfaces. Expense of oil pumps, oils, greases is avoided as well as related maintenance and housekeeping.